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Baynisa Blooms offers floral garlands, boutonnieres and more for your special occasion. Designed with your story in mind. Connect with us today. 

The Models

Thank you to the incredible group of family and friends who volunteered their time to model for Baynisa on an grey Sunday afternoon in San Francisco. You all looked amazing and helped to put Baynisa on the map!

Take a peek at our collection of fun and memorable behind the scene images below.

Thank you Baynisa models and friends! 


Arjun Chemparathy

Ahmed Hashem

Matt Holtrust

Saman Minapara

Shahid Minapara

Shahil Patel

Ismail Subedar

Saeed Subedar

Shomaila Syed

Sufiyan Syed

Special thanks to Asiya Subedar for being such a strong pillar of support and inspiration. Shout out to Salma Nakhuda-Hafeez, Faizan Hafeez and baby Amal for being there to support us during the photoshoot. 


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